Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sometimes you just need a break, we call those times "Field Trips"

Being in the house daily tends to lead to monotony which can get rather lonesome and boring for all involved.  We like to break up that feeling by taking Field Trips.  I have learned that if we call them that, they sound educational.  They actually are educational, it's just that I have to do no prep work aside from driving to the location.  One of my children's favorite places to visit is the  Children's Museum of Winston Salem.  A little tip for home school families, there is a discount!  If you bring your eligibility letter, children get in for $3/each and the teacher is FREE!

All three of my children, ages 6, 8, 11, love to visit this Museum.  There is a lot of hand's on play, as well as fun climbing structures and building opportunities that really open the mind.  

One of their favorite exhibits is the mock Krispy Kreme factory.  My children love to set the timer, "make" the doughnuts, put them on the conveyor belt, box them and then load them into the truck.  I sit back in pure awe of how much enjoyment they get out of this activity.  When we visit, they usually spend about an hour right here, "making doughnuts.  
Another crowd favorite is this contraption.  This is called the Kaleidoscape and I was told by an employee that this is the only one of its kind in the US.  A woman spent her life developing the plans for this and was able to see it come together when she was in her 70s.  The structure is made of bungee cord type material.  There are multiple openings that children {and adults} can climb up into; once inside you can run free up top.  The outside of the structure has 4 balls that are out of the same material, children love to swing from them or play dodge ball.  

Some of our favorite days are spent at the Children's Museum.  It is a great place to escape the every day and reconnect as a family.

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