Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Classical Conversations

Choosing a curriculum can be the most laborious part of homeschooling.  There is a ton of second guessing whether or not your choice is the correct choice for each child, and if it will work with your teaching style.  I get headaches while reading through all different materials because I can feel the stress mounting.  WHAT you choose to teach your children is kind of a big deal; these are their building blocks for their whole lives.

This year we have chosen Classical Conversations as our curriculum path.  This is a very different form of education that puts it back to a "classical" model.  Essentially all of the children learn the same basic things, allowing the older children to delve deeper into the subject than the younger.  This curriculum is very in depth and focuses on subjects that are fundamentally lacking in the public school system.  My 6 year old daughter can locate places on a world map better than Eighth graders that I know.  We are only halfway though with our first year, but I am very impressed with the quality of education that my children are receiving.  I found an article by a veteran CC family that highlights this wonderful program, you can find it here on Homegrownlearners.  She provides much more insight than I can, but I love her perspective on the whole system.

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